In a nutshell … 
Canada has what everyone wants and no way to say no.  
Oil, Bitumen, Black Gold, your need and greed… Canada has an abundance of it. The States to the south, Russia to the north, China to the west and Europe to the east. Canada is in serious doodoo. 
Just to make things crystal clear… Canada has the worlds longest coastline. Canada has 4 second hand submarines that they bought from Great Britain more than 10 years ago. Today exactly 1 of these subs has managed to test fire 1 torpedo. So much for Canada’s naval deterrence.  The Air Force and Army are scarcely better.  
Obviously Canada is unable to hold the invading hordes at the borders militarily. She just might be able, at least for a while, to hold the hordes at bay through strategic treaties.  But eventually the last group you make a treaty with will be the first group over your borders. 
Given that Canada can  use neither diplomacy nor war to secure her safety there appears only one viable option.  Brain Power!
If Canada was to take the Billions upon Billions of dollars that are targeted to upgrade her useless subs, her antique Air Force and her foot slogging army and apply it to ‘green energy’ her future just  might not be so bleak.
Develop a lubricant to replace oil, a fuel to replace gasoline and diesel. Create an alternative to coal, oil, or nuclear powered generators. Find a way to turn Canada into the worlds supplier of clean and green. Do this and no one will dare to invade because everyone will be protecting us. 
In other words fight a Carbon War to Replace Carbon not to own it.  
The Carbon War Canada must win.

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