It was easy to write on Justice, mercy was a breeze, but let me make this point loud and clear, writing on ‘Walking Humbly’ is just plain hard to do! Perhaps because it is such a strange concept to me?

Micah uses a very rare Old Testament word in 6:8. As far as I can see it is used only twice in the Old Testament. Once in Proverbs where it is translated as ‘lowly or ‘humble’ and in Micah where it is translated as ‘humbly’. Proverb 11: 2 ‘When pride comes, then comes disgrace, but with humility comes wisdom’ certainly adds a powerful image and understanding to Micah’s admonition to walk humbly. Perhaps the old rabbi was near to the idea when he said that the ‘the lowly are filled with wisdom as a low space is filled with water?

Seems to me that humility, the understanding that we do not really understand, is the starting point on our journey to Wisdom, Mercy and Justice. That being the case, how do we develop the all important Wisdom?

Might I suggest taking the message found in Proverbs 8 to heart. Or if you need a different enticement remember that the Buddha also holds wisdom in high regard. 
Seek Her Out, 
Walk humbly With Her!
Develop Wisdom, Mercy, Justice!


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