In my youth I came across a short story written around the question ‘is the suffering of the minority justified by the happiness of the majority?’ The author felt that it wasn’t. Today I ask a different question; how much suffering is acceptable to bring beneficial change to the minority. 
The lady in the picture is ‘suffering’ for the good cause. She has made the effort to prepare herself emotionally, spiritually, and physically for her protest. She may through her efforts help the people of Tibet.
This level of personal suffering for the good of others I do not have a problem with.
I am not at all sure that I do not have a problem with the next protester  
Photos taken at the “Free Tibet” protests during the Olympic Torch Relay in
San Francisco.­

If this young man followed the standard procedure (Yes ‘standard procedure’ is the right term there have been @ 30 self immolation’sin the last 12 months) he first drank a few liters of flammable liquid then he doused his clothes and set a match to himself.

He and others have done this in an effort to draw the worlds attention to the suffering of the Tibetan people under the Chinese occupation.


                        I am not sure that self immolation is an acceptable means of protest. Do you think it is? 

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