Pine Ridge Reservation looks an awful lot like the Philippines. I know because for the last 10 or so years I have  lived in the Philippines.

Realize, please realize, that the Philippines is a Third World Country that has been in a civil war for about 50 years. Pine Ridge and the worst of the Philippines are pretty much a match up.. The drunks in the street, the broken houses, the broken lives, the pain and poverty are in both places, and for the same damn reasons.

Outsiders came and with superior numbers and weapons took control. They enslaved the people. Took away their land, their children, their freedom.

For many the destruction was absolute and they crawled into a bottle or a pipe and never came out again. Others, a few, found a way to fight back. They were occupied and never thrived but they were never defeated and survived.

 These few helped others. The others helped still more and now there is a core of Lakota who have won the battle and are now in an all out war that they will not loose.

They will not loose because the turning point has come. The women are taking back what was for a while lost. The Clan Mothers are finding their strengths again. The men are finding the old ways are still the true ways.


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