Every now and again the U.N. ranks the quality of life around the world. The last time Canada’s quality of life came in at number 6. Except for one specific minority, Canada’s Native population that lives on Reserve. If you are in that minority your quality of life ranking drops to 63rd.’

This fact comes from the  CTV News story that attempts to explain why First Nations in Canada feel that they should be getting a larger share of the resources being stripped from their lands.

One of life’s little paradoxes is that Canada makes most of her money by selling her resources. Resources that often come from Lands the First Nations used to own. The remainder of the resources being sold off  come from the Land First Nations still own. But the First Nations get almost nothing from the resources.

That might have something to do with the reality of Government and business both wanting to, in their own ways make as much profit as possible. With a limited size pie someone has got to get the small slice. Usually it is the First Nation.

It most assuredly has a lot to do with the fact that Canada is an Apartheid Country! The Indians have their law and the rest of Canada has a different law. It is called the Indian Act. The Indian Act is the structure that South Africa used as an inspiration and a basis for their system.

Of course the Indian Act does not make Indians legally inferior… and 6 = 63. 


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