Today I present perhaps the single most conclusive piece of evidence that the world, or at least the Philippines has lost pretty much any connection to reality.

The lady in the photo has won the Philippines Miss Bikini title. She will become, in a minor way, an ambassador for the Philippines. while in another part of the Philippines…

In Cebu four female students were banned from marching in their high school graduation because they had posted pictures of themselves wearing bikinis, smoking and drinking. The Catholic school took offense at what the school saw as ‘immoral behaviour’ and banned them.

It needs to be noted that this ‘immoral behaviour’ occurred in a country with no age limit on drinking, where smoking at any age is legal, and that there is no law against wearing a bikini in Cebu.

The parents took offense and sued the school!

The school has taken greater offense and is suing the parents. According to the report in the Inquirer the school is suing the parents for ‘bad child rearing’.

“Lest we regress to a culture of juvenile delinquency and errant behavior, the parents and the school need to consciously and constantly take to heart their respective responsibilities,” said a statement issued by lawyers Joan Largo and Bernardito Florido on behalf of the complainants.”

‘Lest we regress’, the Philippines was ranked 129 th on the list of least corrupted nations. That means there are very few nations more corrupt than the Philippines. Seems to me juvenile behaviour and errant behaviour is rampant already.

It is definitely time for a reality check in the Philippines and I dare say elsewhere 

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