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Pagpag in Filipino is the leftover food-stuff from fast-food restaurants scavenged from garbage sites and dumps[1] . The word in the Filipino language literally means to ‘shake off’, and refers to the act of shaking the dirt off of the edible portion of the leftovers. The act of eating pagpag arose from the practical challenges of hunger that resulted from extreme poverty.

Pagpag could be eaten on site, or processed further most commonly by frying it in hot oil depending on the condition of the food. Small cottage industries have arisen around pagpag with impoverished people making a living scavenging, collecting, processing, and selling the processed pagpag to impoverished poor people.

Health risks includes most food-borne illnesses and maladies, and could result in long-term debilitating diseases and death.

Pagpag is an everyday reality in the Philippines. I have no doubt it is an everyday reality throughout the world. Have you ever wondered what the person was looking for in the dumpster behind the restaurant?
Hyaenas and vultures scavenge for food and so do the poor. But as the CNN report so graphically shows in the Philippines it has become a business. A business I might add that exemplifies the Trickle Down Theory . Now isn’t that a mind picture to make you vomit.
There is one way and one way only to eliminate this business. We need to create a system that is not based on making more than the other person. A system where people share as often as they compete. A system that sees more value in enough than too much.
No I am wrong we do not need to create such a system we simply need to implement it. You can find the core of this system in Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, the Red Path and many other faiths.
All we need to do is live as our faiths beg us to live.
Do justly, Love mercy, walk humbly with your Lord.

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