Hello my name is Jaada Hlgaa, my english name is Jennifer Davidson , I am from the Juus Xaaydaga Clan Skidegate, my crest is Eagle I am a resident of Prince Rupert, and have been with the North Coast Ceremonial Dancers since their beginning. I have belonged to other dance groups such as Kwe’Unglis Dancers with Margaret Adkins ,an all Haida group. I a mother of 4, a Nuni (grandmother), I am a drummer and singer and dancer within our group. Singing is healing for me, its hard to describe the feeling you have once you have done it and the connectedness you have. I believe we are all leaders, leaders in our own way, our passions, our strength, our connectedness to mother earth. I believe the drumbeat is the heartbeat of Mother Earth, and singing is such a wonderful feeling and the connectedness to our ancestors, when each full moon arises, I look forward to honoring our ancestors in our full moon ceremonies, this is a chance for us to pay respect to our ancestors who have passed, a burning of food is done, usually on cedar planks and then a prayer is said for them, this is one ceremony I always look forward to. This is a little introduction to who I am, look forward to upcoming year and performances. Haawa Salaana ( Thank you Creator)

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