The Heart Sutra is short and to the point? Well certainly short but I dare say most of the meaning is hidden. I dare to say ‘hidden’ because of the length, breadth and width of the commentaries on this Sutra.

So, rather than tell you the ‘true’ meaning of the Heart Sutra allow me to ask you one question which might help your understanding;

Is emptiness really absolute fullness?
For those not up on Buddhist terminology and practice ‘The Wisdom of Emptiness‘ is a biggy. When someone understands emptiness they are well on the road to enlightenment. I have read that to understand emptiness it is good to meditate on interdependence. I have, albeit poorly, done this and come to one conclusion;
I am a part of everything and everything is a part of me.
The more I look into it the more I see my interdependence filling me up. I meditate ~ ponder on emptiness and find myself filled to the brim and more with the totality of the universe. 
I certainly do not feel enlightened which is a pretty fair indication that I have got it wrong. Can some one please point me in the general direction of the exit so I can get out of this paradox and back onto the proper path? 

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