The back of this prayer card reads, in part, “Heavenly Father, you shared so deeply with Rose Prince, of the Carrier Nation, your gift of serenity, and shared with her your love for your creation. Grant through her intercession that we may share your serenity and your peace of soul, and may we too rejoice in the beauty of creation that surrounds us on every side.”

This a prayer card picturing Rose Prince of the Carrier Nation. Some believe that she will one day become a recognized saint in the Roman Catholic Church. I have no problem with her potential sainthood. What I do have a problem with is the sickly twisted history that this picture illustrates.

The following picture is of three other students from the Lejac Residential School that she spent most of her life in. I believe they died attempting to flee Lejac and  return home. Please notice how they are dressed.

They are dressed as white children of the times were. They were not allowed to wear native clothes. They were not allowed to speak their language. And they most assuredly would not have had access to what I believe is a ‘Talking Stick’ such as Rose is holding.

If they had ever shown up for class dressed as Rose is in the prayer card they would have been viciously beaten, possibly thrown into isolation and also possibly fed bread and water for a time. It would also not have been unusual for them to be raped  by various staff members. But the rape would not have been punishment… just fun for the staff.

The Residential Schools were a government directed, church assisted, attempt at Genocide. Pretty little girls did not wear their traditional garments and carry Talking Sticks. Pretty little girls and handsome young boys did however get beaten, raped, tortured and killed in the Residential Schools.

History is history only if it is taught and remembered.

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