Choices, Choices, Choices 


A common problem among those who would live without violence is what to do with those who only answer to violence. Right now I am working in our hollow block house and listening to a drunken karioki singer who is about 1/2 kilometer away. 1/2 kilometer away, my walls are 8′ thick, we have glass windows and we can still hear the karioki. Imagine the people who live closer, say 30 meters away and have a bamboo house. They are being deafened.

We have tried to talk to the owner of the machine. We have tried having community officials get involved. We have had the police involved. And yet they ignore us and deafen the neighbourhood children. 

So what is left except to put Fear into them? But putting fear into them does not create peace. It simply insures violence.  

I imagine at this point you are waiting for me to come up with ‘the solution’.  Sorry, don’t have one. My guess is that eventually the police will get tired of being called out. When that happens 5 – 10 very large constables with M-16’s and clubs will show up. Once they have the owners attention they will point out that if they come back again people will be hurting when they leave. 

Fear is a very strong motivator,  but not a particularly peaceful one

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