This Speed machine was developed and partially completed by Steve Fossett. You strap yourself into this mean machine and you are seriously Power Tripping! Of course before you strap in you need to belly up to the bar with milliions and millions of dollars. 
If that is a little pricey there are less expensive ways to power trip. Become a space tourist or perhaps explore the oceans depths. Either one could cost significantly less than a land speed record attempt. If you still need the thrill but lack that type of cash there are ways catch a ride in any number of jet fighters. 
But what about those people without serious or indeed darn near any cash, how do they power trip? The trip of choice where I live is Karaoke. Five pesos for three songs and crank the volume up as high as it will go.
People about 1/2 kilometre away bought one of those three songs for five pesos machines and they have been power tripping for months. The drunks show up put in their money and screech to their hearts content. From 07:00 to 22:00 as loud, as ugly and as stupid as they want to become and no one is stopping them.
The neighbours are literally going deaf and they are not happy but they are scared to do anything because people have been killed over the volume of a karaoke.  The police refuse to come up until after 22:00 and the local government officials are powerless. Power tripping on a budget. Nothing quite like it. 
I can hear your thoughts, my wife and I have attempted to have them and others stopped. Sometimes it has worked sometimes it hasn’t. This time they are just within the law so stopping them is not so easy. 
It is remarkable is it not, that all cultures and all classes have this need for power. 

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