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How better to show the interconnectivity found within Deep Ecology than an ancient moss covered Celtic Cross?

Rooted in the Earth, reaching into the sky, offering a habitat for life and covered in never beginning or ending symbols… how much more interconnected can it get?

Time and again I find that ‘The Preacher’ was just so right and that there really is nothing new under the sun. If you do a web search on Deep Ecology you will find that some people believe it was first recognised in 1973. But if you take the time to explore the philosophy / theology of Buddhists, Hindus, Celts or Native North/Central/South Americans you will find Deep Ecology being articulated and practised thousands of years ago.

Somewhere along the time line European culture lost the Deep Ecology and replaced it with a much shallower understanding of how things work. This in turn led to all sorts of things. Some good… modern medicine and indoor plumbing come to mind. Some not so good… atomic weapons, Eugenics, global warming to name but three.

I believe that if we are to save our planet from destruction we need to rediscover as a culture Deep Ecology. We need a 180 degree turn from our present belief that everything is mine mine mine. Only when we once again see ourselves as Stewards of this world rather than as Royal Exploiters will we be able to reverse our rapidly accelerating descent into Hell on Earth.

Thankfully the roots of Deep Ecology are still strong. We can with just a little tender loving care bring the planet back to health. Whatever  your philosophy or creed you will find with just a little digging, the roots that need your attention.



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