Alone We Loose ~ Together We Win

The north-west coast of Canada as seen from the International Space Station.

We are Stewards of this beauty. We can make it more beautiful. We can turn the beauty into ugliness.

I can only do a very little. My wife is likewise limited. Your limitations are as severe as ours.

Now I need you to do a mind experiment please and thank you. Picture in your mind the ISS photo as a grey, foggy, out of focus photo. .

If you prefer the  grey you have no problems because that is where we as Stewards are taking our planet.

If you prefer  the original blue then you do have problems. Many, many problems. None of which you can solve on your own.

But if you will join with my wife, myself and your neighbour and your neighbours neighbour we can begin to create solutions. Together we can change the path humanity is on. Together we become the wings of the Eagle and we can soar to new heights.

Join, start, create, empower others. Something a simple as talking about this bog with your friends is one way to start the helping. There are many ways to join our side and to save our world by becoming the Steward you need to be.Please find one.

Alone, with the best of intentions, we will loose. 
Together… we can win.  

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