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Frogs are in trouble. The Alexis First Nations are in trouble. Me and mine are in trouble. You and yours are in trouble too. We are all in trouble for the same reason. Too many humans with destructive lifestyles.  Allow me to illustrate…

In the Scottish Highlands from time immemorial,  if you lived by a lake, the lake was your toilet. On the west coast of Canada if you lived by the tidal waters when the tide was out you would wander behind a rock and have a bowel movement.  This technique works well with low numbers but try that in Scotland or Vancouver now and…well you can picture the results yourself.

Leaving aside ‘Noble Savage & Golden Age Mythologies’ humans until the last few centuries had neither the numbers nor the technology to really screw up the environment. But now we do. Again please allow me to illustrate…

For the last 10,000 or so years there has been a Boreal Forest in the northern latitudes. This forest produces a vast amount of oxygen and consumes tons of carbon. It also resulted in the creation of a marvellous bog that leaches out whatever poisons the rains bring. Now in Canada humans are cutting down the forest and ripping up the bog. They are doing this to extract the Bitumen to produce the worlds dirtiest synthetic oil from what has come to be called the Athabaskan Tar Sands. Some believe that this is the worst  Environmental Crime ever.

This is being done because humans have a lifestyle built upon oil and it’s by-products. Cars need gas, groceries need plastic bags and plastic wrappings. Does this demand the destruction of the worlds most efficient aquifer, air scrubber and oxygen producer… so be it. We take what gave us life and create what kills us and we do it willingly.

Folks it is time to stop this stupidity. Because if we don’t we will all slowly but assuredly drown in our own filth and waste. Perhaps even more regrettable than our own destruction will be the destruction of our entire eco-system. Albeit with the possible exception of cockroaches who seem to be able to survive anywhere.

Here are some ways you can become an Eco-Warrior and fight to stop the stupidity. Go buy a packet of seeds and plant them. Every new flower is a new air scrubber. Try walking for a block or two instead of taking your car or a taxi. Take your own cloth bag to the grocery store and leave the plastic bags alone. Have one meatless meal a week.  If you will do any or all of the above you will be an Eco-Warrior and you will help to save our world.

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