Peace is an ever illusive dream in the Philippines. For more than half a century various groups have been battling the government for one part or another of these islands.

Maoists, Muslims, War Lords, Clans, Colonels, Generals  and maybe even a politician now and again have all gone for ‘a walk in the woods’ as it is sometimes described.

In a never ending play region after region falls under the terrors of low intensity war. No one has been able to find a way to end this cycle of violence and perhaps no one ever will.

But there just might be a way to make it more difficult to wage these wars.

What if Maria Makiling and her relatives were asked to get involved. She is known as more than compassionate, as a helper and as a defender of her mountain. I believe her relatives are also renowned as protectors.

Who would dare to wage war where the Nymph of the mountain has made it plain she will not be pleased. It takes a stupid person to go against the Mountain Nymph.

You think I am being foolish or sarcastic? I am deadly serious my friends. For more than 1,000 years Christians and Muslims have called upon their God to give them victory in battle. I merely change the prayer a little bit. I change it into a prayer to stop the war…not to win it.  

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