I am not at all concerned about the ‘next’ life. I am a little concerned that I am not concerned.

When I was a Christian Pastor it was not a concern. I cannot remember ever preaching the ‘Go to Heaven or Go to Hell’ sermon. Now that I am a Buddhist it is still not a concern.

Am I  missing something? Or am I a naturally born dyed in the wool  untrained and unenlightened Bodhisattva?

It just makes sense to me that worrying about this world and the beings in it is more important than worrying about getting into a better world after I die.

This story come in many flavours but the one I like goes like this…

 3 youths decide to go a wandering. One day they find themselves up against a wall that stretches as far as they can see to the left right and up. Being naturally curious they begin to scale the wall. 

The first one to the top looks over, yells in ecstasy and leaps over.. as does the second. The third person looks over… yells in ecstasy… but before she leaps she looks back to the way they came. She can see way in the distance a wanderer heading in the wrong direction. She goes back to help the lost wanderer.  
Nothing against the two who leaped over but I have always had an admiration for the young lady. Maybe I am missing something but to me she is right. To knowingly walk away from  anothers needless pain is to me a terrible thing to do. 
I understand that this is a complex issue. And I must say that I have never taken the Bodhisattva Vow because I doubt my ability to keep it. But I do find myself drawn to the idea. 
Is anyone else missing something too?


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