This is a typical public school classroom in the Philippines. Minimum class size is Fifty (50) students. That is just the way it is here.  Money is tight. The Philippines is a third world country after all.

But then again perhaps it is just a question of priorities. The government is buying Eight (8) new Attack Helicopters. It is just about to receive a ‘new to them’ retired U.S. Coast Guard Cutter which will be the # 2 ship in the navy.  And in a true perversion of intent Japan is trying to find some wiggle room in it’s laws so it can send the Philippines multiple war ships to bolster the Philippines ability to make war.

Philippine President ‘Pnoy’

Japan’s desire to send war ships has followed the declaration by the Philippine President that the Philippines is willing to share the Bounty  found under the Spratley Islands with friends.

Sickening isn’t it. Presidents with golden thrones, children squatting in classrooms, Japan sending military aid overseas. And all to secure a little more wealth for the already rich.

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