A Buddhist who uses G+ asked a question last week… how do we transform the world? He is not the only one to ask that question. Monks, priests, rabbis, mullahs, scientists, social workers, judges, policewomen, rebels all these and more ask the same question. I would suggest that for every one that has asked the question… four others have answered it. Please humour me and consider one more answer.  If you find it makes sense apply it. If it makes no sense to you… may I at least not have hurt you.

Mother Earth and all that live in, on, and above her are in trouble because of humans. If you doubt this ask yourself a simple question; would Mother Earth and all other living beings be better off if humans ceased to exist?   I find it impossible to doubt that they would be!
Humans have become the curse of all other living beings. We have become a curse because we have forgotten that we are part of the whole rather than the master of the whole. We believe it all exists for us. We are the Royal House of Humans and all must serve us. We have replaced Wisdom and Compassion with Stupidity and Selfishness.
Stupidity and Selfishness are weeds that have over powered all the other plants that were in each and every one of us when we were born. We need to help others to dig these weeds out by the roots. People need to be shown how to tend their inner gardens so that all of the good plants can grow. Plants such as Wisdom, Mercy, Compassion, Love, Humour, Kindness and Gentleness.
We supply the needed help first and foremost by tending our own garden. Within our own spirit we must nurture Love, Humour, Kindness, Gentleness. Once we have found a way to  nurture these plants Wisdom, Mercy and Compassion will also grow in our garden.
Soon people will begin to see in your life what is missing in theirs. Now comes the crucial part. You will need to find a way to help the curious believe that they too can weed and cultivate their own garden. Finally you will need to nurture their nurturing. 
If you and I and others will do this Stupidity and Selfishness will  be weeded out and the good plants will take over.

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