Googled a ‘Time’ search long ago and have lost the link

Worldwide approximatetly 35% of food production is dependent upon machinery that stops when there is no more oil based products for it to run on. In 2010 there were apprximately 925 million chronically hungry people in the world and that is with all the machinery running.

No one can say exactly when the black gold will run out. But everyone agrees that it will and everyone agrees that to date there is no viable replacement for it. Am I the only one who finds this frightening? Am I the only one who believes that it is time, and past time to find an alternative?

I know that it will take both time and money. Lots of money and perhaps a long time. But the reality is that unless we take the time and spend the money eventually the world gets very hungry and very ugly as people try to feed themselves. It is an accepted fact that in the 21st Century the war of choice will be the Resource  War. What resource is more crucial than the resource needed to produce the food we all need?

Canada, China, the United States and half a dozen or so European countries are presently engaged in developing the Athabaskan Tar Sands. This project will cover 20 to 30 years, cost somewhere beteween 15 and 25 Billion U.S. dollars and seriously damage our environment.   

Call me crazy but it seems to me that if this same group were to take the same amount of money and time to develop an alternative green product that all of our machinery would work with we would all be better off and they would be even wealthier.

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