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Denise Rose

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Native Americans represent only 1.6% of the farmers & ranchers operating on Reservation lands. Today, for most Native American Reservations in the US, more than two-thirds of the farms and ranches are controlled by non-natives. As might be expected, this disparity in land use has had a dramatic impact on the ability of Native Americans to fully benefit from their natural resources. Statistics on income reveal that the total value of agricultural commodities produced on Native American Reservations in 2007 totaled over $2.1 Billion dollars, yet, only 16% of that income went to Native American farmers and ranchers. VE
I asked if there was a solution to this problem, here is the answer;

Denise Rose09:35Get rid of the BIA would be number one! Tribal councils are just as corrupt. Since a few articles were written about “Whiteclay,” of course it’s the usual finger pointing, judging, repeating the obvious.

Okay… fingers are pointed in the wrong direction, the BIA is corrupt, it was created to do exactly that, designed so American Indians fail in spite of what ppl believe. Maybe when John Stossel did his segment on “Freeloaders” he should have done his homework. Not only was his information wrong, racist, and dehumanizing, he should have corrected his entire segment. These are not “freeloaders” they are human beings who are owed, social services in exchange for land, and If ignorance was land, we’d all have no neighbors.

American Ndn’s are the only population in the US born with a legal right to health care, as well as owed in exchange for land that includes housing, education, health care, and of course social services. I’m not drudging up a past cuz it’s still very much present, these are not excuses, it’s fact not fiction. Easier for ppl to believe fiction.

So for a population with the highest rate of diabetes, why is the unhealthiest food given? Monthly commods is a slow kill, just like alcoholism. Indian Health Service IHS, I believe cost about 4 billion, not exactly sure. More Indians live off reservations than on, it’s lack of or no health care, for our country’s smallest, sickest minority.

Well, all the housing we were to give them, never happened. Remote, isolated reservations, some have never had sewer systems, plumbing… could go on forever. Senators McCain and Kyl refuse to take no for an answer by the Navajo & Hopi, who don’t want to sign away their water rights. Navajo President Ben Shelly is a great example of corruption. The Occupy Movements aren’t covered, neither was the protesting when McCain and his minions were there. No means no! He has a long dark history with the Navajo, a trail of death, no exaggeration, couldn’t be accomplished without inside help.

When Kyl presented SB 2109 it was to an almost empty hearing… gee… a mistake, no invites? Giving up water rights will be a death sentence for the Navajo, will certainly force more to move. Sadly, Navajo were waking up to dead livestock, poisoned water, harassed, and so on. When Kyl introduced that Bill, it was sickening listening to him, heartbreaking if you’ve ever been to Navajo nation. For every non ndn who points a finger, there’s a thousand pointing back. Reading or hearing about it is nothing compared to physically stand there, look around… is this the USA? Yup!

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