While operators insist the Prirazlomnaya gas platform is safe, environmentalists have doubts, citing a meager clean-up budget and other concerns.

The Arctic Ice is melting. Russia  and every other nation that has a border on the Arctic is planning to drill  in the newly ice free Arctic for black death. I have a very dark sense of humour so I can see the humour in the upcoming Arctic drilling.

Global warming and the interconnected melting of the Arctic Ice is caused at least in part by humans burning carbon based fuels. So what do we do when the Arctic Ice melts? Why we look around, realise what a terrible thing we are doing and instantly begin a massive drive to find alternative clean sources of energy. Wrong…. we get out the drills and start looking for more oil in the Arctic. We do this so we can burn more carbon based fuel so we can destroy our world even quicker than we are now. Surely I am not alone in finding this situation just such a dark deep oily black funny?

Wake up people we need to wean ourselves off the oil nipple. If we keep on keeping on, we will kill ourselves and pretty much every known living being in the universe. 

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