The use of Indian women to provide an exemplar of feminist liberty continued into the nineteenth century. On May 16, 1914, only six years before the first national election in which women had the vote, Puck printed a line drawing of a group of Indian women observing Susan B. Anthony, Anne Howard Shaw and Elizabeth Cady Stanton leading a parade of women. A verse under the print read:

“Savagery to Civilization”
We, the women of the Iroquois
Own the Land, the Lodge, the Children
Ours is the right to adoption, life or death;
Ours is the right to raise up and depose chiefs;
Ours is the right to representation in all councils;
Ours is the right to make and abrogate treaties;
Ours is the supervision over domestic and foreign policies;
Ours is the trusteeship of tribal property;
Our lives are valued again as high as man’s.

Both the English and the French recognized, respected and sought the aid of the Six Nations. Now they are again offering their advice. They are against Enbridge piping Dilbit through their territories. They believe the risk is not worth the benefit. They have come to the same conclusion that many First Nations in Western Canada have also come too. Perhaps even more importantly as the following map will show, the Six Nations land is what I will call ‘cross border‘ land.

This tells me that the movement to stop Enbridge from piping Dilbit has now become much more powerful. There is an ever growing encirclement of First Nations, environmentalists and just plain old fashioned apple pie eating, Maple syrup loving, baseball and hockey fans out there who do not want this black death in their future.

I wish rather than hope the Canadian, American and Chinese governments will hear this outcry and stop this environmental genocide.  

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