Map of Asia of 1790. ‘The Great Tibet, State of the Dalai-Lama’. #Tibet is #Independent

China claims modern Tibet as its own territory because historically  it has been a part of China. Perhaps so, but this 1790 map  shows a different understanding of history. I do not wish to call the Chinese government either liars or ignorant so let me just state for the record I think that they are mistaken.

The history between Tibet and China is  long, complex and interesting. Sometimes China had the upper hand, sometimes it was Tibet. I see no absolute historical reason for China to now control Tibet.

However I can see multiple reasons why China would want to control Tibet. Militarily it makes sense. The resources in the ground make Tibet invaluable. Even simply a good old fashioned land grab.  

I cannot force China out of Tibet. I even doubt that short of war, the world could force China out of Tibet. But I can add my voice to HHDL and hope for an autonomous Tibet. A Tibet where there is freedom. A Tibet where Tibetans no longer need to offer their bodies as flaming beacons to draw the worlds attention to the horrors that are now happening in their country.  

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