As some know I am dead set against the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline Proposal, The Athabaskan Tar Sands and running Supertankers filled with Dilbit  up and down the British Columbia Coast.

I am for a wilderness where the Eagle, Bear, Wolf, and Frog are free and healthy. I am for oceans where Killer Whale, Seal, Humpback and Salmon are plentiful. I am for clean air and water. I am for the values that respect our Mother Earth.

Fifty artists who also do not want the destruction that Dilbit spilled into the pristine wilderness of B.C. would produce have come together to produce a book of poetry, paintings, photos, and compassion.

I hope that when it is published  it will move the world to an understanding of why this rush into ecological genocide must be stopped.

If we come together we can stop this insanity. We can create a better way of gauging what is to be valued, cherished and worked for. We can leave our grandchildren a world that they can live in with joy and we can look upon with pride.

But only if we work together! 

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