I started this blog as a way to make a payment on my debt of honour to the Haisla Nation. I believed then as I do now that if I could find a way to share what they shared with me it would be a better world.  I do not know if that has happened but I do know that I have found many people that have made my world better.

I have been given love, gentleness, wisdom, compassion and friendship by many people. I have been shown how the world looks through eyes that are very different than mine. Sometimes this has shown me a beautiful world… sometimes an ugly world. But it is always a world filled with hope because it is a world filled with good people who struggle to help their neighbours.

I am now at a time in my life where like the Stone Man I sit, watch, listen, and think.

Sitting allows for a closeness to our Mother Earth and this is good. To feel her heart beat and to share her energy brings me closer to harmony within myself and with others.

Watching shows me the wonders that so often in the past I have missed. From the majesty of an Eagle, the grace of a Hawk and the delicate beauty of a spiders web to the beauty of my wife’s eyes. A wise man once said that if we would only look that we could  find the entire universe in our back yard. I begin to believe him.

Listening I find the whispers of the spirits. Eagle, Butterfly, Dragon and so many others are waiting to be listened to. The more time I make for them the more they teach.

Thinking… one day this may if I am very lucky and live long enough bring me the greatest gift, Wisdom.

My journey continues and I do not know where it will take me. It is my prayer that wherever I find myself my village will be honoured and that in ways undoubtedly small, I shall be of some help to someone.


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