In Buddhism the rule against stealing is found in the Five Precepts. Christianity, Islam and Judaism  locate the no stealing clause in many places, perhaps most notably the Ten Commandments. I am about to make a request that some may find offensive and others may find ridiculous;

I would like those of you who are reading this that are not Buddhists, to for just the next few moments accept one Buddhist belief. Please accept that we are not above Nature. Nor are we  in control of Nature. And most assuredly Nature is not here for our joy and benefit. We are simply one small interconnected link in the universe and we have no more, nor indeed any less right to life and happiness, than any other Being.

Does this change your views on clear cut logging which steals the food and homes of the Beings that lived in the forest? Is it alright to steal the lives of wolves and bears because they live where a company like Enbridge wants to run a pipeline? How about actions such as redirecting rivers?

What I am trying to get you think about is; If we are not more important than other Beings do we have the right to steal their homes?  Do we the moral authority to steal their food supplies so they starve to death? Is it alright to steal their lives because they live where we want to do something?

I believe in the Buddhist understanding of Interconnectedness and Interdependence. I also believe Thous Shalt Not Steal applies to all of the Beings in the world not just to Humans.

I believe we have been doing it wrong for a very long time.

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