An Oil pipeline ruptured in Northern Alberta. As far as can be ascertained it was a ‘significant spill’. The company responded quickly they are doing all the right things and the clean up is progressing nicely. I applaud the work they are doing to protect and restore the surrounding habitat.

But there is a lesson to learned with this rupture.  The company found out about the problem on May 19 because of a routine fly-over inspection. As of the May 25 they are still working on the clean up and have no idea how much longer it will take. The lesson to be learned is that in the real world nothing has an instant solution. This rupture occurred in an easily accessible site in good weather. How much damage would have been done if it had happened in a valley in the Rockies during winter.

Enbridge is simply lying when they say they can keep the Dilbit in the pipe rather than in the ground or water. 

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