Rumours and yet more rumours. One of the few facts is that the Japanese Environment minister has visited stricken Fukushima plant and he went there to look at Reactor 4.  CTV  continues to update their readers on this story for the simple reason that if it gets ugly we will all suffer.

The Japanese government is worried. The American government is worried. The Canadian government well along the road to environmental disaster in Canada does not seem to be worried.  But aside from the Canadian government,  there are many governments, N.G.O.’s and just plain ‘people’ such as myself that are worried.

Why, you ask are we worried? We are worried because the worst case scenario is, with no exaggeration, Armageddon. There are enough fuel rods stored in Reactor 4 to pretty much wipe out the world if they were ever to be exposed to the air.

Might I suggest you all click on the above CTV link and find out for yourselves why some of are a wee bit concerned.

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