Many people mistakenly believe non violent civil protest is a passive, wimpy, cowardly non warrior way to look impressive and have no effect. I don’t think the women being beaten and soon to be jailed would agree with that definition. They were part of Gandhi’s Salt March.

Gandhi needed to find a way to force the British into such an awkward position that they would have to leave India. Eventually he decided to march to the sea over a 200+ mile route. At the end of the march he would break British law by  collecting sea salt. Along the way he and @ 70 fellow marchers picked up 10’s of thousands of followers who all broke the same law. Gandhi and thousands of others were jailed.

The next step in the campaign was to attempt to occupy and shut down a salt factory. British police under the eyes of American news reporters beat protester after protester as they attempted to peacefully enter the salt factory. I would argue that this was the turning point in the struggle for Indian Independence.

I would also argue that being a non violent warrior just might take more courage than being a violent one. When Enbridge begins construction of the Northern Gateway Twinned Pipeline there will be an opportunity to see if my belief is true.

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