Way back in another time and place I used to attend meditation practices in a Buddhist temple. After a few months I mentioned the difficulty I was having in silencing my mind. The answer I received has stayed with me: is the top of a mountain quiet or still?

Tonight I am wondering about stillness. I have actually only found one type of stillness. Which is not to say it is the one and only but it is the only one I have found. 

I have seen and felt a stillness in people that allows them with gentleness and assurance to move through any storm. They seem to carry an inner strength or perhaps conviction that allows them a stillness when everything and everyone is in turmoil.       

Often people who have spent a great deal of time on the sea have this quality. It is almost as if they have quit fighting and have accepted that once they have done their best it is out of their control. As an old salt put it ‘no one conquers the sea but the lucky ones survive.’

I wonder if it is the same with those who sail the sea of the mind? Do they also learn how to do their best and accept the rest? Do they too recognize that there is only so much we can control and that to survive we must find ways to move through what we can’t control?

Questions always Questions!

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