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I know, I know, I am getting just so boring blogging on and on about the Rape of our Mother and the Genocide of our Brothers and Sisters. I make you a deal… Big Business and Government stops the Rape and the Genocide I stop blogging. This is happening in Brazil, Tibet, China, Canada, Turtle Island, Australia, the Amazon, Central America, and the list goes on and on and on.  

It happens because we buy their products. We demand the lowest price we can get. Lowest price means lowest costs. Guess who lives on most of the natural resources to be found in the world? You got it first try. Natives, First Nations, Indigenous Peoples. Historically no one costs less to screw than a Native.

One small example from Canada. before Alcan would build an aluminium plant in B.C. they needed a really cheap source of electricity. They got it from the Kemano Power Project. Alcan got the electricity and the Cheslatta T’En First Nation, whose traditional land was flooded by the dam that changed the route of the river got the shaft. They were forced to move out and they did not get fair compensation. Fifty+ years later when there are heavy rains and flooding the sacred sites that become flooded still give up human remains.

They say a nod is as good as a wink to a blind man but I will try anyway. Enbridge, the Government of China and the Canadian Government are attempting to build a twinned pipeline. If this pipeline was built it would run from Alberta to Kitimat. The line would cross more than 50 First nations and traverse more than 700 rivers and creeks. Enbridge and both Governments swear it can be done with perfect safety and minimal inconvenience.

This line will never be built for many reasons. Perhaps the strongest reason is that both Natives and Non-natives have learnt the lesson taught by the Cheslatta T’en:




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