The Tibetan Saga Dawa Festival  falls on June 4th this year. This happens to be the same date in 1989 that Tiananmen Square became a battleground that left hundreds dead and China forever shamed. China is worried and China is tightening the screws to try to keep control.

Plainclothes security, military, police, informants, round-ups, curfews, web shut downs,  intimidation, torture… they are using all of the weapons at their disposal. But the summer approaches and the temperature in the Square and in Tibet is warming up.

Currents begin to flow. Whispers are being heard. Tensions are building. Relentlessly the week, the day, the hour approaches.

How many will offer their lives for freedom? How many must  douse themselves and become human beacons for Freedom before China realizes that they have lost and go home? 

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