Mark Adams
Enbridge is……”A Bridge Too Far”. For anyone old enough to remember that old book/movie, about that important historic event known as Operation Market Garden, and the words of the British General who opined to Montgomery, the overall commander of the operation, that “this may a bridge too far”, 

Enbridge’s and Harper’s command errors mirror the horrible miscalculation of the leaders of that day. My father, and many other Canadian men, were airborne soldiers who participated in that operation, just as we are soldiers today in the operation to rescue and free our home, our people, our culture and our history, our province, the province of Beautiful British Columbia. 
Regrettably, those Canadian soldiers did NOT fight and die in order for Canada to turn on it’s own people, it’s own precious land and sea. They did NOT fight and die to have a tyrannical, dictatorial leader like Stephen Harper come along and stand our great country on it’s ear and turn our values upside down to make a few greedy men even wealthier than they already are today, and to strip Canadians historical rights and values away from them. NO, they did not fight and die for that kind of Canada and British Columbia, Stephen Harper’s Canada, a Canada that is controlled by, and whose economic lifeline is supplied by foreign interests instead of our own. 
Canadians DID fight and die to preserve the Canada and the British Columbia they knew and loved, the Canada and British Columbia we too, until recently under Harper’s so called leadership, know and love. Why, in God’s name, anybody would want to build a flimsy, artificially inflated economy entirely dependant on foreign aid from oil production is completely beyond me, almost. The temptation of wealth for a few Canadians and foreign investors is too much and they will stop at nothing, and they will conspire to subvert a nation, subvert a people, subvert a province, subvert anything that might get between them and their pipeline to extaordinary wealth. They will do anything in their mission to achieve their goal of obtaining even more wealth for themselves, not us. 
On the other hand, British Columbians know where their real wealth lies and it lies in our provinces beauty, it’s environment, it’s people, it’s ancient and modern cultures, it’s wildlife, it’s number one resource, it’s number one provider of life. Therein lies the real wealth of British Columbians and they know it well.

It is inresting to note, and it is no strange coincidence, that when Canada first went looking for the variety of man who could excel as an airborne soldier, who could excel in the First Special Service Force, Canada first went looking in the mountains of British Columbia. It was there that Canada knew it was most likely to find the hardiest, most durable and courageous individuals who would be capable of executing plans they had devised and succeed in prevailing over the enemy to alter the course of the war in our favour. 

Like our fathers and grandfathers before us, today’s British Columbians have now been tasked with going to war, a war against those who would force their ways upon us against our will and better judgement, a war against a threat so big it will unquestionably and unalterably and irretrievably devastate our home land. Given the situation now before us, the situation thrust upon us by Stephen Harper and large oil corporations, we too are now soldiers fighting, strangely, against our own government for our own freedom.

British Columbians know what’s best for British Columbia. British Columbians have the skill and the knowledge and the courage to accept nothing less than full victory. God willing it will remain that way in perpetuity. Good luck and God bless.


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