The Enlightenment was a social movement which was based upon Human Reason. Great thinkers believed that they could enlighten all of the poor misguided superstitious fools if they could only find a way to educate them properly. Logic, Science, Reason these were the new talisman. Humanity would become scientific. Science would be our new G-d and our new saviour. We would create Utopia.

300 years have passed and there is yet to be Utopia. Matter of fact in the last 300 years we have not even had ten straight years of Peace let alone an Universal Utopia. Allow me to suggest a reason for this lack of Peace let alone Utopia.

I used to be a Flight Instructor. Before every flight I would make sure the student performed a ground check. Start at the nose of the aircraft and slowly walk around checking fuel, tire pressure, free movement in the pieces that were supposed to move, no movement in pieces that weren’t supposed to move. They also made sure that everything that was supposed to be there was there. If there was anything broken or missing we did not fly!

If you do a ground check around ‘The Enlightenment’ you will find something missing. There is no ‘Compassion’. The Enlightenment was built upon Reason. As Sergeant Friday used to say, ‘The facts mam, just the facts.’  Where you only allow facts there can be no compassion. Science, great Inventions, Technology galore but never a tear for those who must suffer for the good of the rest.

We need Compassion as we need Reason. If we do not have both we are an Eagle with only one wing. Before the Age of Reason it was the Age of Religion. Religion repressed, controlled, dominated and ruled. Humanity was the worse for it. Now, since the Enlightenment it is Science that has become the dictator and humanity is the worse for it. We must find a way to merge science and religion so we can use both our wings and soar to new heights.  
 Wisdom Without Compassion
Feels No Pain    
(Deval Sessions, 1985)


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