All of creation that lives downwind and down stream of the worlds largest industrial complex, otherwise known as the Athabaskan Tar Sands is being poisoned. 

Back in the 1950’s 60’s and 70’s there was a pseudo scientific debate about just how dangerous cigarettes were.  Corporate lackeys said ‘not at all’, health activists said ‘Deadly’. The Deadly side was right.

Today corporate and government lackeys are telling us that living downstream or down wind of the Athabaskan Tar Sands poses no health risks. Health and environmental activists say it is deadly.  

The above links will take you to both sides of the argument. If after looking at the information you decide to agree with myself and many others please get involved. Together we can make a difference. Together we can stop this insanity. 

Please Click the Link to go to the 3rd Annual Healing Walk page.


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