I am white, my ancestry is Scott, Irish and English. There are Celts and Druids and Norse back there somewhere too. This has left me with a strong disposition to be tribal… and I am tribal. I found that out when I was given the privilege of living with and being taught by the Haisla.

In Turtle island or as some call it North America the Nations that I am familiar with were matriarchal. The women were very powerful. This was simply not understandable to the Anglo- Europeans because they were patriarchal. As the Anglo- Europeans came to dominance this created real problems in the Native communities. Problems which have not gone away yet.

Thankfully things are changing in many First Nations and the women are again finding their voices. This Awakening comes when it is needed by all peoples. Our world is in trouble because the dominant culture has been too long controlled by the masculine power. The Yin and the Yang are out of balance.

For our world to regain harmony we must hear and take to heart the teaching of Woman Wisdom  

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