I know Fear. My father was a paranoid schizophrenic sexual pervert who abused me in every possible way. Eventually I found a way to stop being his victim. Part of my moving from victim to survivor was learning how to use fear to my advantage. Allow me to explain.

You are Blessed with Fear but blessings are two edged swords. Your Fear may bring joy. Your Fear may bring sorrow. Everything depends upon whether you control your Fear or your Fear controls you. I was a victim because on many levels I was controlled and consumed by Fear. I became a survivor not because I quit being afraid but because I found a way to make my fear work for me.

A Buddhist Monk, a Jewish Rabbi, a Christian Pastor or an Alcohol and Drugs Counselor could all make the same point about intoxicants… for anyone to drink a beer is okay, for the beer to drink the person is bad.

It is the same with Fear. Properly used and controlled Fear will save your life. But when fear controls and uses you, your life will be ruined. Just like the turtle in the picture you will spend all your time huddled within yourself shaking and quivering afraid to live. This is no way to live and barely a way to exist.

Fear properly used makes you sensitive to mood swings in dangerous people and allows you time to escape.  Fear tells you it is time to be cautious because something is just not right. Fear is the little voice that whispers this is a really bad idea’. Fear is what prompts the caution that will keep you out of trouble.

I am sorry that I am not wiser. If I had more wisdom perhaps I could tell you how to learn to control your Fear? All I can do is promise you that you can learn how to make your fear a blessing and not a curse. I learnt and you can too. 
This I promise you, survivor to survivor.


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