As always AlJazeera is an excellent place to go for news. Their story on Syria and the need for intervention is worth reading. Below are some of the few indisputable facts about this carnage that their story lists:

Kofi Annan’s peace plan is in tatters as violence continues in
At least 11 men found dead in latest Syria violence
More than 100 died in Houla last week, including women and children
United Nations to investigate deaths in Houla last week
Anti-government protests began in Syria in March 2011
Thousands dead after months of unrest across
Fears that Libya-style intervention could send Syria into civil war
Syrian government insists “thugs” and “foreign agents” behind violence
Russia and China against intervention in Syria
President Vladimir Putin says Russia will help find ‘positive results’
Fears that a civil war in Syria could spread to the rest of the region
Some in the US think America should arm Syrian opposition fighters
Syrian diplomats expelled by many nations after deaths in Houla’

The above facts do not include the ‘fact’ that one side or the other is winning. This may be because it is a stalemate. There is one ‘fact’ that I would add:
In a stalemate such as this the warlords and gun merchants are the winners. The civilian population is the deadly looser.
It truly is time for outsiders to step in and stop this horror. 

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