DDG 1000 Zumwalt Class U.S.Navy Destroyer
($3,000,000,000 A Pop)
{Three Billion}

An artistic depiction if the new 3 Billion Dollar U.S.N. DDG-1000 as found in the Daily Enquirer today. As the gods would have it with shallow draft, long range, electric rail gun and super stealth technology it is just the thing for warfare along the China Coast.

This is one wicked piece of death delivering technology. Naturally most of the bells and whistles are top secret but here is an interesting article. And here is a fascinating graphic from the article.

Now I suppose you can me an old softy, or a left wing pinko commy but part of me, dare I say the biggest part of me, wishes this much money and energy had been put into life enhancing technology instead of death dealing technology.

But I suppose we must keep the world safe for?

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