Haisla dancers prepare for the Northern Gateway hearings to begin on Jan. 10, 2012. (Chris Brown/CBC)

It has been more than ten hears since I have returned to the village that Adopted me. I am sixty years old and my memory and eyes are not so good any more. But even I can see that these three gentlemen are not preparing to dance. If memory and eyes serve, from left to right; Clifford Smith, Rod Bolton Jr. and Sammy Robinson are their names. Clifford and Rod are both hereditary Chiefs. Sammy Robinson is the Chief of Chiefs. They were preparing to give testimony before the JRP panel. They were not preparing to dance.

The picture and its caption comes from the CBC Feature Page dealing with Enbridge and the Northern Gateway Twinned Pipeline Proposal. The top story on that page boldly proclaims:

Majority of aboriginal communities sign on to Northern Gateway ‘Nearly 60 per cent of the aboriginal groups along the proposed route of the Northern Gateway Pipeline Project through B.C. and Alberta have signed on to share in the ownership and profits of the project, Enbridge officials say.’

My question is a simple one: if we cannot trust CBC to get the facts straight in something as simple as telling the difference between Hereditary Chiefs and Dancers how can we trust them to get the facts straight on a story as complex as; which and how many First Nations have signed on with Enbridge?

Fact is folks this ‘reporting’ is nothing more or less than pure undiluted propaganda. In my younger days before I became so sophisticated and respectful, when I still called a spade a spade, I would have called it Bull Shit! Consider the following quote from the story:

‘The Northern Gateway project is a proposal by Canadian oil and gas company Enbridge to build two pipelines stretching 1,177-km between the Alberta oilsands and the West Coast. The Northern Gateway would have the capacity to transport 525,000 barrels of oil per day.’

It is misleading in that it indicates that two pipelines will be carrying 525,000 barrels of oil per day to Kitimat from the Athabaskan Oil Sands. In reality one of the pipelines will flow from West to East carrying the chemicals needed to turn Bitumen being processed in the Athabaskan Tar Sands into Dilbit. There will only be one pipeline flowing East to West.
It is an outright lie for the following reasons. The first is that there are no Athabaskan Oil Sands. In reality what the government, Enbridge and the CBC refer to as ‘oil sands’ are ‘Tar Sands.’ Tar being another name for Bitumen which is most assuredly not oil. 
The second outright lie is when they state that the pipeline will transport oil. One pipeline transports chemicals and the other transports Dilbit. Dilbit is what you get when you slurry Bitumen. Neither Bitumen nor Dilbit are oil. 
There you have it folks. CBC has put out a Feature Page with unchecked ‘Facts’ and outright ‘Lies’.
And if I am not telling the truth may they come and sue me!
But they won’t because I am truthful! 

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