I have been told and I believe that all all humans are brothers and sisters. That there are no unique problems or solutions depending upon a persons race. Both His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama and Roy Henry Vickers have shared this teaching. I have no reason to doubt either of them.

To humanities continual heartache most humans do not believe this to be true. Nowhere is this more evident than in the fight to stop the production and transportation of Bitumen and Dilbit in Canada.There is a constant barrage of how evil the colonizers are and how good the First Nations are. Folks this is simply not a helpful or honest understanding of who and what humans are and it won’t help the fight.

First lets deal with the hard core reality that so many really do not want to face. We are all Africans. That is the truth folks. Our common ancestors were a small band of wandering Africans. You have a story that says you were created in the Garden of Eden or that way back a long long time ago Raven stuck some mud and seaweed together on a beach and voila there your ancestors were that is just fine.  Doesn’t change the fact that you are, and I am, and she is African. The Sweat Lodge teachings and Buddhism agree with science we are all one.

Certainly because of geography and historic chance cultures have developed that are marvelously different from each other. But at their core they are all the same because at our core we are all the same. The sacred flame that burns within your heart and my heart and the heart of my wife are all the same flame.

Second, and don’t worry there will be no third point, until we all can see and believe that we are all brothers and sisters our enemies will play us against each other and take us down one by one.

Be one or be destroyed ~ your choice!


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