These are not the RCMP Musical Ride don’t we look nice and do you want to pet our horse guys. 
These are the helicopter, Armoured Personnel Carrier, Fully Automatic Weapon carrying RCMP.
These guys will  kill you, terrorize you, or blow up your property when ordered to.

‘No matter where in Canada an RCMP member works, he / she can be part of an ERT. There is a minimum of one (1) team in every province and territory to provide support to front-line police personnel. There are both part-time and full-time ERTs, and the program is composed entirely of volunteers. Some of the functions an ERT may be asked to perform include, but are not limited to:

Resolving incidents involving armed & barricaded persons;
Aircraft interventions;
Marine interventions (armed ship boarding);
High-risk searches & arrests;
VIP & witness protection duties;
Covert surveillance and intelligence gathering;
Rural tracking operations.’

Just to be absolutely clear on this point I understand in this day and age why Canada needs these special units. It is a very ugly world and law abiding citizens need to be protected. 
What I do not understand is why this type of unit has been put in place to spy on and  infiltrate 100% legal and law abiding organizations. Why have they been ordered to spy on First Nations. Why do they run wire taps and intercept the mail of law abiding citizens.   
I do not understand why Canada needs a Gestapo?

2 thoughts on “Are The RCMP Becoming Canada’s Gestapo?

  1. Because Canada is being ruled by a fascist party, and to maintain order in a fascist society, you must have police, lots of police, and you must eliminate all civil society groups, you must label enemies "extremists" and "foreign funded radicals", and you must silence your scientists, your artists, your critics, you must eliminate social programs which support the weakest and most vulnerable in the society….all this is happening, and much much more. Fascist societies need gestapo to maintain their power. Wonder when the world will take notice of what's going on in Canada. There is talk of Canada withdrawing from the United Nations, the great curtain will come down around this country and no one will even notice what's happening here. Posted anonymously on purpose.

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