Ghost Rider, great movie, fantastic comic book and when Johny Cash sang it a spine chilling haunting song. It is also a movie with a message; the end of ‘your’ world is not the end of ‘the’ world. Think about this for a minute or two. If all of the two leggeds left tonight with all of our pets what happens tomorrow?

Basically things start getting a lot better real quick. No more trophy hunters killing the best and brightest of any species. Millions upon millions of creatures that we think of as food don’t get eaten. The air and water begin to purify. Greed is no longer the driving force on this planet. As I said if we leave tonight things get better starting pretty much the moment we leave. Personally, after 60 years of this life there are times when I think it would be a fair trade. The rest of the world taken out of purgatory for the departure of humanity sounds fair to me!

Face it folks humans have pretty much been a walking talking disease / curse on this planet. But like the song says there is still time to change your ways. Change them now or ride in the sky chasing the devils herd.

                                                                     Your Choice
                                                                The Worlds Future

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