I love the forest. 
I am round, hairy, tend not to wear a lot of clothes, waddle when I walk, am a good friend and unless you really push me I will not harm you. 
I am Ewok!

You should have seen me before I shaved to pass!

Now that I have your attention allow me to point out some really important facts you seem to have missed….You and yours are cutting down my forest / home at an alarming rate. There aren’t many places left for me or my cousin Wooki to live.

Trust me on this one I am a nice house guest but my cousin is kind of nasty.  So maybe you can try a little more sustainable logging? Perhaps a lot less clear cut logging. Maybe you can even come to realize that the world is not put here for your pleasure. You are just one small part of the whole. You have your place and the rest of us have ours. You don’t have the right to destroy my world for your greed.

Please pay attention and learn this lesson. Either that or expect some house guests! 


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