Warning this is full disclosure time…Mail intercepted and opened  plus my phone wiretapped in my youth and it was done by Canadian security forces because I tried to phone the Kremlin during the Cold War. I simply and naively, wished to ask them to stop making nukes and other nasty weapons. Now you know the truth, I have been radical for a while.

Here is a quick question and if you get it right go to the front of the class. What does the symbol at the top of this page represent? Times up, any guesses? For those who did not know it is the symbol of the CSIS. Which for those who do not know is the ‘Canadian Intelligence Security Service.‘  They do good stuff and  I believe we need the CSIS because it is a very dangerous world and they do try to keep me and mine safe. My problem and I hope your problem, is that they are being used against perfectly legal organisations and law abiding citizens in Canada. The following is taken from their web page:

‘The Counter-terrorism Strategy will help to prioritize the Government’s counter-terrorism efforts and promote an open discussion with Canadians on the threats we face. It also highlights the importance of cooperation with Canada’s international partners, all levels of government, security intelligence and law enforcement agencies, industry stakeholders and civil society.’

What the above means is that the CSIS has been stationed in Alberta to protect the Athabaskan Tar Sands and Big Oil by spying on, infiltrating and intimidating legal organizations and law abiding citizens. Here is a quote from the CSIS just in case you doubt my honesty or analysys:

‘Michaud said the terrorist threat in Canada could come more from people inside the country than outside the border.’

Remember at the start of this Blog I did claim  to be a radical. I was and am upfront about my concerns. Please accept my last challenge for this blog. Go to the following web page and read it (45 seconds); ‘Fourteen defining Characteristics of Fascism‘. I believe Canada under Steven Harper fits neatly into all fourteen points and this frightens me. I hope it frightens you too!

2 thoughts on “Fascism Is Now A Reality In Canada As The CSIS Is Set Against Law Abiding Canadians And Is Told To Protect Big Oil

  1. CSIS is a joke, Brian. Fadden, a most wanted man, speaks out and, what? Canada romances China to peddle oil and poof!Nobody cares about Chinese espionage and influence. They are a neutered bunch of pencil pushers.

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