This wee beasty is a Cicada. Myra saw him lying on his back in the gutter. Now he, or she is resting on a leaf. He may be getting ready to die or to shed his skin but in either case he is more comfortable than when he was on cement.

Cicada are beautiful with colours and subtly that my web cam just can’t catch. To feel their sharp toes digging into your skin is not at all painful but it is almost ticklish. Something magical happens when another being allows me into their life. Butterflies, birds, bugs, four legged, scaled, winged, critters of all sorts have such an incredible energy. When they allow me to be a part of their life and to be touched by their essence I become a different person. I have not the words to describe the change but that does not make it any less real.

Transformation is something that we all dream of. Transformation has become myth. Religions, Hollywood, Bollywood, even nations have used the myth of Transformation to make money, better citizens or converts. Perhaps it is time to remember that it is also very real.

If you will take the time and allow the Transformation to happen we can change ourselves and the world we share.

My thanks to this wee beasty for allowing me to be a part of his life and to be Transformed.

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