By the time I was nine years old I had been issued an ‘adult’ library card. I had also made a deal with Mr. Armstrong that as long as I got my classroom work done to a reasonable level I could go on reading Sir Winston Churchill during school hours. I am not bragging I am simply explaining that even though I am only 60 years old I can with all honesty say that I have been reading and enjoying Isaac Asimov for half a century.

Upon hearing of his recent death I started looking for his books on line. So far I have not found any, more’s the pity! However I have found an 8 part BBC Radio adaption of his ‘Foundation‘ series.  I have no way to prove my belief but I feel that Foundation was very much an inspiration for the Dune saga.

The BBC series comes with one added benefit for those of you with an appreciation of days gone past… it was an award winning production produced in 1966. The music and back ground special effects are just to die for. So click on the link, download the series, plug in your headphones and allow the BBC and the magic of Asimov’s mind to take you to a new old world.


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