Steak Tartar sounds tasty. Raw ground up dead cow with little green things that look like peas mushed into it sounds like something that you just might puke up after eating.  In an AlJazeera story the point is strongly made that the Syrian Government as well as the world community is fixated on naming the horror that is happening in Syria. Naming it in  a way that will allow the killing to go on with the least inconvenience to either the world or the Syrian Government.

So far the world is quite happy to name what is happening in Syria an ‘internal conflict’. ‘Internal conflict’ is to Civil War as ‘Steak Tartar’ is to raw ground up dead cow with little green things that look like peas mushed into it.

You see an internal conflict only affects the country where it is happening. Usually it is best left to the country to solve. Whereas a Civil War just might spill over into neighbouring countries and the neighbouring countries have every right to get involved. There are also combatant laws that come into affect when an internal conflict is upgraded to a Civil war. Laws that make it safer for civilians. And of course a Civil war opens up the possibility and sometimes the necessity of outside intervention to safeguard the entire region.

I prefer to call what is happening in Syria a Civil War. I prefer to call it what it is and recognize that it is time to send in UN Peace Makers not UN Observers!

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