Plans to provide a powerful radar to the Philippines came after President Benigno Aquino met with US President Barack Obama at the White House, where the Philippine leader was offered a robust show of military and economic support. AP Photo/Susan Walsh

He doesn’t look like Ronald Reagan but as I have noted looks can be deceiving. Reagan squared off against the Evil Empire. Obama is going toe to toe with China. Reagan wanted to make America safe with Star Wars. Obama wants to make America safe with Stealth Battleships and Hi Tech Radar that will follow the movements of WMD stuff.

Just in case you are thinking yeah sure show me the proof you left wing radical tree hugging pinko neo Nazi:

The radar system will form part of a “watch center” that will track ships off the Philippine archipelago’s coastline, according to a Pentagon spokesperson.

“We are in the initial planning stages of assisting the Philippines with a National Coast Watch Center,” Major Catherine Wilkinson told Agence France Presse.

“This center will improve the Philippine maritime domain awareness of a breadth of security issues including countering the proliferation of WMD (weapons of mass destruction) to countering illegal smuggling,” Wilkinson said.’

Of course Obama has many excellent reasons for this march towards war. Two that just pop out of this news report are (1) greed and (2) machismo:

‘The plan to provide Manila with a radar system reflects Washington’s strategic pivot to Asia amid escalating tensions in the strategic waterway which is believed to contain vast oil and gas deposits, analysts said….

“But it is also possible that China is determined to humiliate the Philippines and, indirectly, the United States,” he added.“If China persists with embarrassing the Philippines, then I have no doubt aircraft sales will follow,” he said. …’

There you have it folks. This is not just happening in the mind of a radical environmentalist. This is happening in the here and now. This is about greed, oil and machismo.  This is only the beginning of Americas 21st. Century Resource Wars.
What I now write may well be just the insane rambling of an radical environmentalist who has slipped over the edge. Or it might be prophetic. Time will tell.
Within ten years the U.S. will have combat troops in Canada protecting the Athabaskan Tar Sands and the construction of the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline. They may be invited in or they may simply be ordered to march in but they will be there. Canada has already formed and positioned paramilitary Security and Intelligence forces to protect the Tar Sands and the upcoming pipeline. The CSIS and the RCMP work hand in hand with American clandestine forces.  

Announced Wednesday, the Integrated National Security Enforcement Team — INSET — will consist of more than 30 specially trained members of the RCMP, Edmonton and Calgary police services, the Canada Border Services Agency and the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS). The unit will be based out of RCMP K-Division headquarters in Edmonton.’

Out with the new and in with the old!

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